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Transitions With Balance
No Sweat Workout
R&R Recharge
Effective Parenting

  We currently offer four prepared topics for immediate presentation to your organization. We can also fully customize any mix of topics and presentation length to best fit your needs.

Transitions with Balance
How much vitality and  inspiration can you handle? People will notice the positive changes in you as you apply the Transition Strategies that get results. As our life and world seem to excellerate in constant change, Bena will teach you how to tap into sustainable ways to integrate mind-body and spirit to direct your actions to live with greater joy and contentment. A small sample of what you will learn and experience along the way includes:

  • Finding your emotional drivers to sustain personal growth
  • Experience a more relaxed and vibrant self
  • Knowledge and practical skills to take immediate action

No Sweat Workout
Movement has been proven to aid in mental performance, health, and to increase physical energy. Bena’s approach to exercise will actively increase energy and develop your ability to focus the mind. This is a process that develops awareness and control of the mind, emotions and body.  Bena will teach you how to relax so that you can draw on your body’s own energy to invigorate your being while remaining refreshed and renewed.

You will learn:

  • How to incorporate five-minutes of movement that will reinvigorate you physically and mentally
  • Why relaxed movement is a key to daily effectiveness
  • How mental focus gets you better results

R&R Recharge!
Be inspired to reach higher levels of performance and overall well-being by skillfully recharging your system. Bena will teach you how to integrate and reflect on your life learnings and creatively solve problems by moving into the quiet stillness.

You will experience:

  • How you gain power with 3 stages of relaxation
  • Exercises to aid you in answering tough and important questions
  • Critical practices for quality and restful sleep

Effective Parenting
We say the time for your entire family to live a healthy and balanced life is now. Together we can take practical action to nourish and improve the health and increase the personal strength of our children.

Knowledge is Power. Learn:

  • Key techniques to create internal balance, calm and joy
  • Listen without judgment
  • Food and mind-body health