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Live in Balance
Respond Creatively
Work with Vision
Think Strategically
Lead with Integrity



Strategies for Competitive Advantage
How well you and your staff access the inner resources of balance, creativity, and focus determines how innovative, adaptive and successful you are with new information and ever-changing business conditions. Our 5-level Personal Strategies are designed for you to increase your productivity and effectiveness without compromising your health or well-being. Our training approach uses the internationally recognized methods of Strategic Intelligence Skills™ utilized by the Fortune 100.

The Core Strategies

1) Live in Balance
Develop inner balance with foundation skills in neural control that minimize stress and its complications – high blood pressure, tension, tension headaches, heart disease, and sleeplessness.

2) Respond Creatively
Develop Emotional Intelligence and the skills to maintain calmness and clarity of mind under pressure and conflict situations. Control emotional reactions and take control of mind chatter.

3) Work with Vision
Develop concentration and mental focusing skills to develop the mind as a laser. Create the thoughts that enhance clarity, creativity, and effective decision making. Enhance visionary abilities to perform with insight.

4) Think Strategically
Anticipate the outcomes of business trends, make solid decisions, convert resistance to collaboration, and improve the quality of relationships by applying key principles to manage polarities successfully.

5) Lead with Integrity
Enhance commitment to values and principles to lead with vision and inspiration.