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 “A terrific speaker at a Merrill Lynch offsite fist recommended Bena to me in 2005. Since then I have worked with her on multiple occasions, and find that her style and insights consistently produce an immediate positive result. Bena understands the physical and mental stress that goes along with working in a fast-paced industry, and has many easy to use and impactful tips to help focus on priorities and eliminate the noise.” Jennifer Landis (Pizi) SVP and Change Executive, Legacy Asset Servicing at Bank of America

“We enjoyed the training program immensely. People owe it to themselves, their co-workers, and their loved ones to acquire these skills. The techniques are timeless self management principles designed to help us reduce stress while gaining control of our work and personal lives.”
Paula Harrington Hartman Co-Founder & Principal, Association Business Solutions, Inc. (ABS)

“If I had to think of one word to describe Bena, it would be refreshing. What sets Bena apart is not only her incisive approach to problem-solving, but also the unusual level of care and attention she gives to each and every one of her clients. I truly believe you will not find a more responsive, human, and approachable consultant.”
Tai West, Student at Rutgers University

Clients include:

Merrill Lynch
Barclays Capital
Bristol Myers Squibb
Johnson & Johnson
Berlitz International
Basell U.S.A.
US Treasury Department
Wharton School of Executive Education,
DeSales University
Rutgers University
NJ Self Insurers
Capital One Health
Neighbors, Inc.



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